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Healthy Soil, Healthy People

I feel like most people take Soil for granted, or take no notice at all. I, on the other hand, spent four years at the University of Missouri studying Soil. After graduation, I founded a soil business to dedicate my life to its regeneration and preservation. To say the least, I love Soil.

This is my first of a series of blog posts dedicated to starting a dialogue around the importance of Soil, not just to farmers, but everyone on earth. Without Soil, we would not enjoy food, clothes, shelter, or clean water. Soil is the foundation of our existence.

“A nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Why is healthy soil so important?

  1. Food Nutrient Content / Quality: Healthy soil is directly linked to the nutrient quality in our food. If nutrients are deficient and out of balance in soil, we can assume the same for the plant grown in that soil. The living portion of soil is the “engine” that drives the nutrient cycles.
  2. Water Quality: Healthy soil acts as sponge and filter by soaking in water during rainfall and preventing it from running off and causing erosion. 1% of OM (or the living portion) can hold over 10,000 gallons of water. And the healthier the soil, the higher the capacity for holding water.
  3. Climate: Living soil is a major influence to the planet’s atmosphere.  The respiration of microorganisms created helps sustain Earth’s atmosphere. Soil and vegetation also have direct effects on local weather and micro-climates. We now know soil is one of earth’s 5 largest carbon sinks to soak, sequester and store excess carbon and nitrogen in Earth’s atmosphere. Restoring soil as a living biotic tissue contributes to stabilizing climate, mitigating global warming and moderating weather.

Soil effects all of us and not just farmers. We rely on healthy soil for clean water to drink, nutritious food to eat, and roofs over are head. Be grateful, give thanks.

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